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Credit increase

August 29th, 2009 at 08:42 am

Got a letter from Chase that they raised my credit limit from $7000 to 10,000.

They really want me to spend some money.
It really doesn't matter cause I always charge basically the same things and pay them off when I get the bill.

Payday update

August 27th, 2009 at 08:33 am

Sorry to anyone that may read this for being so slow updating. I always say that I'm a bit of a slacker. And my payday updates are basically to help me keep track of things. It really does help.

Last Friday was my payday. After deducting my spending money and my regular budget it left me with my usual $50 extra towards Mortgage Principal.

Put $50 towards my E-Fund.

Had only $38 to put towards paying myself back for the latest car repair. I now still owe myself $232.

I had somewhat good news. My mortgage escrow or something went down leaving me with a lower Mortgage payment. I'll probably pay about the same as I have been and put the extra towards the Principal. Makes it a little easier getting it paid off.

A few thoughts about winning a lottery. Sorry, very long winded.

August 11th, 2009 at 09:57 pm

I bought a Mega Millions (Lottery) ticket the other day and of course it starts one to dreaming. I realize that the odds of winning a lottery are pretty bad. But I don't see anything wrong with playing once in a while responsibly. And eventually someone does win.
So FOREVER I've had a basic plan in my head of how I would deal with a huge windfall such as winning the Mega Millions. For the most part my plan is pretty dull and has not changed much over the years. Its actually gotton more conservative as I've gotton older and strive more for the simple life.
My "plan" is mostly how I would save and invest most of the money. I would do some repairs on my modest home but don't see the need for a new one. Right at the moment I would not buy a new car. But it sure would be nice having the money available to go buy one anytime that I did need to. The 2 big things for me are that I would definately quit my job soon, and I would definately travel a lot more.
As things are right now I wouldn't even be in a big hurry to quit my job. It would have to happen, but no big rush. Since I work in a store selling toys I think I'd happilly stay there through Christmas. I mean i'd have the rest of my life after that to never have to work on a holiday again. I'd also book the terribly expensive trip that I drool over to Antarctica. I know most of you would choose other places, but I'd get to those too. But I really would not spend all that much money on material objects. I've had enough of those in my life.
A friend of mine constantly comments that he wants to win the lottery but that he would only be happy if it were something like 100 million dollars. He talks about all the silly things he would blow his money on. I think if he really won 100 mil, it would be gone within a year or so. He even insists that if he won such a prize that he would have my house torn down and re-built for me. I don't want that even if someone else is paying.

I would love to win a huge amount of money. But all I really want is to be able to pay my bills, live in a comfortable enough way, and be able to travel more. I can do a lot of that on my own without winning a lottery. Its just winning would make it a whole lot easier of course. Just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the subject and wondering what any of you would do if you won a large sum of money? And what amount of money would really make you happy?

Payday Update Time Again.

August 11th, 2009 at 09:26 pm

Gee it seems like paydays are coming up fast lately. Thats really a pretty good thing but it seems like life is passing by too fast sometimes.

Got paid last Friday. Put my usual $50 for extra Principal on my mortgage. I've been very good about that. Put a measly $9 into my E-Fund. Put $110 into my checking cushion but using it to pay myself back for the recent $380 car repair I had. So that leaves me still owing myself another $270.
The rest of my check went into my ordinary budget.