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Best $4 I've spent

October 28th, 2007 at 08:59 am

Last year I had a big Halloween event to attend and decided way ahead of time I wanted to be a zombie. I like zombies.
The costume tuned out to be very frugal.
I bought a bunch of makeup after the Halloween before for practically nothing. And I found a perfect suit at a thrift store for $4 dollars. I abused that suit like crazy and did everything possible to stain it up and zombiefy it.
Turned out nice and had the best Halloween EVER last year.

Last night, I went to a haunted house that had a dress up night and got to wear my costume again. Didn't cost me anything this year cause I still had leftover make-up and everything. Won a silly little award for Best Costume, but had fun. So yeah that was one of the best $4 I've spent.

On a separate but similar note. Its funny about dressing up in a costume. Normally, I'm not at all popular with women. Most seem to think I'm a nice guy but otherwise don't want to have anything to do with me. But whenever I've worn my costume people all talk to me and women want to touch me or have their pictures taken with me. I just find it a funny quark in human nature I guess.
I'm thinking of dressing up like that on a daily basis but then I might just seem weird. LOL.

just rambling on a bit.

October 14th, 2007 at 09:57 am

I probably spend the least on electric than anyone I know. I was afraid that recently I've used a lot more though. For one thing since its October and I'm a huge horror movie fan I started my own little horror movie marathon. I watch at least one scary movie evey night on a DVD or video this month. Kinda silly maybe but I love that stuff and its cheap entertainment. Well anyway I just got my new electric bill emailed to me and it was
a whopping $16.31. So I was very pleased with that. Its usually around 18 to 20 dollars. So far the Gas (heating) bill is very low too but I haven't run any heat yet and winter is on its way. Thats always scary.

In other news the Cleveland Indians won last night. YAY! I'm not a huge baseball fan. I haven't even watched a game in a couple of years. But last night I came home from work and noticed the game was
still on so I started watching it. It was
tied for quite awhile at 6-6. It was so exciting when the Indians kicked butt at the very end and won 13-6. Now if they can just win again tonight.

Not much else is new here. Although that can be a good thing. I'm still saving up
to buy a Palm TX. I'm only about 100 dollars short of what I need to get it.
I like saving up special for some things. It makes it more worthwhile when you actually get it.