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No Holidays FOR YOU!!!!

September 24th, 2008 at 10:01 am

Since the store I work for is becoming a "Super" store I can pretty much expect to work every holiday from now on. Even though the construction is in progress and will take close to a year to complete we were already told we have to work on Thansgiving day this year and will be going to be open 24 hours (I think the day after Thanksgiving).
So I probably will be working on most holidays from now on.
Halloween even though its not truely a holiday is actually my favorite. I'm off for that for sure cause I'll be on vacation. I think I've only had to work on 1 halloween in over the last 15 years or longer. I know I'm weird. :-)

In some good news my nephew managed to fix my washing machine last night. Its still old and basically could break down anytime but for right now its working very well again. Yay! Pretty much all that was wrong with it is that the motor came loose and shifted out of place. He pushed the motor back where it belonged and tightened it up. So at least for now I saved about $250 cost of buying a brand new washer.

The washer being fixed was in itself enough to make for a good Tuesday. But I also enjoyed playing Paranormal(more like abnormal) investigator last night. There are lots and lots os stories about "crybaby bridges" and about 42 such bridges just here in Ohio. So a friend and I went to one last night close to midnight. We found the bridge and the haunted church next to the bridge. No we didn't see or hear any ghosts. But it spooky fun and the church looks haunted.
There is a better crybaby bridge that I'm going to go to closer to Halloween. I'll let you know when I do it and what I see or hear. If I survive.

Maybe i'm special

September 19th, 2008 at 10:45 pm


But anyways,I was watching TV at my friends place a couple of weeks ago and there was show simlar to Mythbusters where a group of nerdy looking people were testing various theories. They were sort of like Urban legends and they were testing to see if they were true or not.
Sorry I don't know the name of the show but there are a few similar shows.
Supposdly there is one of these theories that a human can't eat 6 soda crackers in one minute without water. On the show they tried and failed. But they were so close that they said they believe someone could do it.
So the other day I bought some crackers and did the test with my friend. He failed miserably on his first try but almost did it on his second try.
I tried it once and SUCCEEEDED. Yes I am the one that the TV show was talking about when they said they were sure that someone could do it. Thats why maybe I'm special.

Radio survey

September 18th, 2008 at 09:35 am

I forgot to mention in my last entry that
I got my Arbitron radio survey a couple days ago and I'm starting it today. I just have to write down on a little diary every time I listen to something on the radio. I haven't been listening to much radio lately so I wont be writing very much for them.
Its not exactly a paid survey but they gave me $4 as a "gift". I have a feeling they will send me another buck or 2 once I complete and send my diary in.

now its the washer

September 17th, 2008 at 09:47 am

Sheesh, it seems like something is always going wrong. I've had so many roof problems with my house. I at least finally found out exactly what the problem is and I'm slowly getting it fixed. But now my washer just decided to die. I thought the last couple of times I used it that it sounded different. It was working fine but was making sort of a grinding sound. So last night when I went to wash cloths it just wouldn't run.

I'm going to see if I or a friend of mine can fix it. Hopefully it just needs a belt or something.

In other news. I went to the fencing demonstration I had mentioned in my last post. It was just a simple demonstration to get people interested in the sport. The guy has an Epee class that I'd love to sign up for. Its pretty reasonable cost wise. But there are (as usual) a couple problems with it.
1) Its on Saturday mornings. I'm not a morning person and no one can convince me to be one. :-)Besides I work Saturday evenings which makes it more difficult.
2) Its location is in my general area but its still a fairly long distance drive. With gas prices I'm trying not to drive very far and don't really want to add to my gas budget.
3) With having to do so much maintenance on my house and the possibility of replacing my washer I don't want to spend anything on somethinng that isn't neccesary.

The class starts in a few weeks so I have some time to see how things go with my washer and other stuff before I make a final decision. I might talk myself into it yet.

Boring Tuesday

September 9th, 2008 at 09:39 am

Well I ate and just caught up with my SA blog reading. Thats about it for today. LOL.
This evening I'm going to a lecture/demonstration of Fencing at the library. I took fencing for a couple of years but its still interesting to me.
If I ever start taking a class on fencing again I'd pretty much have to start all over from the beginning.

Nothing to report financially right now.

Well off to see if I can find something to do for awhile.

bonus today

September 4th, 2008 at 10:20 pm

Got my quarterly bonus with my paycheck today. An extra 364 dollars.
I most likely wont get another bonus till
about this time next year because our store is being turned into a supercenter and the construction is hurting sales. I can hope though. The nice thing is that when the bonus will be quite a bit bigger when the supercenter is all finished.

I usually use bonus money towards my vacation fund but I have it pretty well funded for right now and I have more important things to put the money towards.
I decided that I really should have had my home already paid off or closer to being paid off than it is. So I'm going to
put a lot more effort into getting rid of the mortgage. Thats always been one of my goals but it seemed like I had lots of time. Time has a way of catching up with you and passing you by.
I'm also saving up what I can for next years IRA contribution which I want to put in $4000. There are a lot of other things that I would like to save up or spend money on too, but the Mortgage and the IRA are my priorities.

Ohh I also got FREE cake at work today so I'm happy.

not easy to pay sometimes

September 4th, 2008 at 09:09 am

I haven't really had much to report financially lately. Thats a good thing though. I was a bit busy the last few days and didn't get to read these blogs. Last night I played catch up and read a condensed version on what I had missed.
I'm a little bit addicted to reading everyone elses blogs so I hate when I don't get to.

Anyways last night I had to pay my verizOn phone bill. Their website is the worst anyway in my opinion. I have dial up and with all the other bill pay sites I don't have much of any trouble. But with Verizon it always takes me a long time. Its very slow. Well last night it would make me wait seemingly FOREVER then it would say my password was no good or the site was having problems. Finally I got through and they had re-vamped their security measures. So I had to answer questions and wait for a special number to come in my email. Eventually I was able to pay my bill but it sure wasn't easy. I'm glad all the other online bill sites work so well. I used to just go pay it in person if it wouldn't work online but they closed all the human places down. Its a little sad sign of our times I think. One more step to no human contact at all. Other my work I really could go my entire life without actually speaking to any other live human being.
No wonder its so hard meeting people and forming relationships.

Well that was just a few thoughts I had.
The good news is that I did pay my bill on time. And usually online bill pay works beautifully. So life is good.