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Good Washing Machine News

January 22nd, 2010 at 10:57 am

As I wrote in my last post that I've been
having all kinds of problems with washing machines lately I finally got some good news. After putting a dispute on my credit card and calling their home office the manager from Home depot called me and said he wants to make me a happy customer and let me return the washing machine.
As long as there are no hidden catches when I go there I guess its finally settled. Boy what ya have to go through sometimes even when you are right.

Rather long post with 2 payday updates.

January 21st, 2010 at 11:11 pm

Got way behind on blogging again. But I didn’t really vanish like I sometimes do. I kept reading other’s blogs. Just haven’t had the time or energy to actually write anything myself. I think I’ve mentioned briefly before that I get depressed sometimes. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything but its something I’ve dealt with for a very long time. Some times are better than other times. Lately has been rough. A lot of personal things have made me feel more depressed than I normally do. Anyway that’s the main reason I sometimes just can’t focus enough to write anything.

I’ve been having a great deal of problems involving washing machines. I finally purchased a new washer from Home Depot in December. I was extremely disappointed in it. It simply doesn’t wash cloths very well. I complained and complained and complained and so far they will not let me return it. I put a dispute on them with my credit card and I’ve talked to a number of customer relations type people. The manager from the store called me today ( but I was at work) and left a message that he wants me to call him about my washing machine. I hope after talking with their home office that they were told to let me return the thing.
I’ll return his call tomorrow and find out.

I also had a sudden surprise car repair a few days ago. Something rather suddenly made a huge clunk when I hit my breaks. The emergency brake cable broke and got stuck somewhere. It cost about 300 dollars to fix. I wasn’t really too upset on this one cause it could have been a lot worse. The repair was done in a couple hours and its working fine now. But its always SOMETHING. That’s going to be one of my first goals for this year is paying myself back for another car repair. I have my goals for 2010 pretty much already figured out. Not too much different from my usual. I’m just still not up to posting them on here yet. I promise I will though.

On a good note. I got rid of some clutter this week that has been bugging me for a long while. I gave a monitor to a friend. And I took another monitor to our county recycling place. Felt good to have them gone. I also dumped off old phone books and what was left of my old laptop. I have 2 old TV sets and an old desktop computer that also need recycling but I didn’t realize at the time that they accepted them there. So
I’ll make another run up there when its convenient.

Ohhh and I also have a new niece named Molly. She’s about 3 weeks old and I tell everyone that she resembles a holiday ham. LOL. Im hoping that her and her 3 year old brother will be my camping buddies someday.

Two weeks ago was my first paycheck for 2010. Otherwise nothing notable about it.
Most of the check went to regular budgeted expenses. Had an extra $70. Put $40 towards 2010 IRA. Put
$10 to my Travel Fund. Left the last $20 in checking to help with the cushion.

Today (Thursday) was payday. From this check after deducting all budgeted expenses and spending money I had $66 extra. $36 is staying in checking to go towards paying myself for the brake repair. That leaves $272 that I still owe myself.
I’m going to put $15 into my 2010 IRA fund and the other $15 is going into my travel fund.

Thanks to anyone who reads this. Theres still a lot on my mind but this is all I can write at the moment.
I hope everyone else is having a good year so far and staying well.