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CRAZY spending spree.

September 21st, 2009 at 03:31 pm

Not really so crazy. But I did buy a couple unexpected things cause they were just too good to pass up.
Last night when leaving work several people were buying kitchen blenders. They were reduced down to one dollar. So I got one. I've never had a blender believe it or not but its something I can use.

Today, shopping at Aldi, they had one of those metal colindars that have extended arms so they fit over the sink. I've wanted one of those for a long time but it was about 15 dollars at Wal Mart which was just too much to me. But Aldi's price was $6.99 so i got one. Not as good a deal as the blender but still not so bad.

I think I'll survive the spending spree.


September 20th, 2009 at 09:52 am

Well Thursday I got my first ever direct deposited paycheck. It was pretty easy and painless but for me I would rather still get a paper paycheck and take it to the bank. Maybe I'm old fashioned.

I deducted my regular budgeted amount and took out my spending money. My spending money was $120 but varies each paycheck a little. I use that money for eating out, any fun activities (like movies, etc) and groceries. So $120 doesn't really go too far for 2 weeks.

I put the usual $50 towards the extra Principal of my Mortgage. I'm sticking to my plan on that but wish I could do a little better.

Put $40 to my 2010 IRA.

Put $60 towards payback for the car repair from July. I now owe myself $100 for that.

Put $18 for the step ladder I wanted to buy. I used my credit card but that 18 bucks is in the bank waiting to pay it off.

That left me with $17 extra money that just stays in my checking as a cushion.

Next paycheck is what I consider an extra check cause I get 3 instead of 2 in October. Yay! I budget my extra check a little differently but nothing drastic.
It will be nice being able to use some of it towards my travel fund.

Payday update.

September 5th, 2009 at 10:32 pm

Thursday was payday and at least i'm writing it down on here sooner than I usually do.
After my regular budgeted amounts I put $50 towards extra Principal on my mortgage. I put $72 towards paying myself back for the last car I had done. I now still owe myself $160 for that.
Putting $10 towards 2010 IRA. And that leaves $11 extra thats just going to be cushion in my checking account.

I decided that starting next payday that I need to allow myself a little extra cash for some things that are not absolutely necessary but that i do need.
I tweeked my next budget already to free up about 20 bucks or so. The first thing I'm going to get with that extra is a small step ladder for about 18 bucks. Once I get caught up on these odd things I need then I'll put that extra back into the normal budget.

Another thing about my next payday that i'm not really happy about is that Wal Mart will not give me an actual paycheck anymore. I like getting a normal old fasioned paycheck with a paystub so I can do my finances the way I want to. But now we have to either have Direct deposit or a debit card. They wont even give a paystub anymore so you can keep track of hours and such. That I have to print from the internet. Ohhh well it will work out and I know many people love the direct deposit thing. I just really get P.o.ed
that they are making it so hard to keep track of my info. Plus they only told us about it this week and it starts on our next check. I signed up for the direct deposit yesterday.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm planning on going camping this monday night. Its only one night but i'm looking forward to it. Have a great holiday weekend everyone.