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Car Repaired

July 28th, 2009 at 08:48 am

In my last post my cars warning lights were on and I had to take it in to fix whatever the problem was. I had hoped it was a free or low cost fix because the last time something similar happened it was just caused by a loose gas cap.

Well it turned out to be the alternater. The repair cost seems ridiculous but at least its fixed. The repair along with an oil change was $380. Ouch.
Good news is my little car is running good and hopefully will last me at least another 8 years.

Payday Update Time

July 26th, 2009 at 09:55 am

Got paid this past Friday. It seems like it came quick this time since I posted my update like a week late last time.

Put my usual $50 extra into my Mortgage Principal, and put $10 into E-Fund. After
all my normal expenses were budgeted for
I had $110 left over for cushion in my checking. I've finally built my checking
account back up pretty well to what I like it to be. But unfortunately Friday
night a warning light came on in my car. It seems to be working ok but now I have to find out whats wrong. I think from past experience that the gas cap wasn't tight enough and it set the warning light off. That happened once before and the dealer fixed it for free. So I got my fingers crossed that it will be free or cheap to fix. When I get the car to the dealer I think I'll get an oil change too since its overdo. It seems like there is always something out to get my money.

On another note I usually use yahoo for my email. The other day I got an email that almost fooled me. It said it was from Yahoo and it said that because of tough financial times that if I didn't click on the link and update my account that my account would be closed in 2 weeks. Fortunately I realized that it was a scam and I forwarded the email to the real Yahoo. It sounded pretty convincing though so I hope no one got ripped off.

Belated Payday Update.

July 16th, 2009 at 11:23 pm

Lots of excuses but got paid this past Thursday and am just now updating it on here. I should make a blog about my excuses for not posting on my blog. "Honest, the dog ate my blog. LOL.

Anyways. Put $50 as usual towards the Principal on my mortgage. Put $20 towards 2010 IRA. And after everything else was taken care of I had $70 left as cushion in my checking account. The reason I'm padding my checking is cause I had spent
more than usual for awhile and depleted much of what I had in that account. Also I still need some very expensive dental work in the near future and I'm trying to
save up for it.

Did something thrifty tonight when I got home from work. I cut my own hair. I've actually never been to a barber in my entire life. My mother when she was alive used to cut it. When she got too ill I just decided to cut it myself. It may not
look great but its not too bad. Besides I'm not all that pretty or anything to worry about it.

I found a dollar bill last week. During the past week or so I also saw quite a bit of change (mostly pennies) but for various reasons I didn't pick it all up.
Not sure how much of that I actually did pick up though.