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Payday already

August 22nd, 2010 at 10:40 am

Thursday was my payday. Its actually a little confusing cause I actually get my pay now direct deposited on Weds. But Thursday used to be payday so I stick with that. I usually go to the ATM machine on friday to take out my spending cash.
Just my weird way of thinking I guess.

From this pay after deducting my regular budgeted expenses and taking out $120 spending money:

- put $100 towards my extra mortgage pricipal instead of my usual $50. I will very soon pay my house off.

- Put $30 towards paying my new cable bill.

- put $10 to Travel Fund

- put $8 to my Antarctica Fund.

Nothing else much going on today. I am enjoying the new high speed internet. But its a bit of an internal conflict in my heart that it costs so much.
At the same time I was in need of making some personal improvements to myself and my home and my recent spending is helping me with that. Just need to keep some kind of balance.

Spending Spree

August 16th, 2010 at 08:00 pm

Been spending a little more recently.
I added $30 the other day on my prepaid cell phone.
Got cable TV and internet about a week ago. Then purchased a router for that for about $79.
Today I bought a few little items from Marcs with cash and not expensive but still mainly just wants. Then decided on getting a GPS Tom Tom at Target that was on sale. I really don't feel too bad about it though cause these things were not totally frivolous. And my hours have been a lot better at my job.
Definately have to get back to my old frugal ways though.

I'm hoping that I can somehow figure out a way to make a few extra dollars with my new high speed internet. Thats something I'm going to work on.

Payday Update and a few other things

August 14th, 2010 at 09:06 am

Well once again I'm behind posting this but its cause of internet problems. I still had dial up and under normal circumstances it has served me well for a very low cost. But something went wrong with my phone line or something and my dial up still don't work. The phone itself works though. I eventually gave up and decided to get a little closer towards the 21st century. I got cable TV and cable internet. Its very nice and I get a sale price for a year. Still feel like I'm being wasteful though.
When my year is almost up I'll tweak the service to cut down the cost some. But I think the time has come that I will probably have high speed internet for the rest of my life.

From my last paycheck on 8/5/2010 I took out a bit more spending money than usual cause I had a week's vacation and went camping for a couple of days. Went to Mohican and took the 18 mile canoe trip that has become an annual thing with my nephew and his son.
After that and my regular budgeted expences I put an extra $100 towards my mortgage payment. Put $75 towards my travel fund and $73 towards my Antarctica fund. That took care of that check.

About 4 months or so ago I got a Virgin Mobile Pre-Paid cell phone. I had gone a good while without any cell phone but wanted one just for emergencies and such. Well last week it was time to "Top Up" my card to continue service. As soon as I did that I got an email from them that said if I Top Up I could use a promo code for an extra free $20 of service. I called them and told them how it was sent right after I already did it. They were very nice about it and gave me the extra $20 anyways. I had them shut off the text messaging too cause I don't use that feature and keep getting texts that just waste my minutes.
I give them high marks for their customer service.

Well I have to return to work todaty after my week of vacation. Dreading that. It wont be too bad once I actually get there. I hope. :-)