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Finally ready to do a new payday update.

July 23rd, 2010 at 08:56 am

I was so far behind from my slacking that I had no idea of how to catch up on my blog. So I'm skipping the past couple of months of payday updates and starting fresh. Over the time that I skipped everything financially was going ok. I made a few puchases but nothing major and everything was paid in cash or on my credit card and paid off in full.
I bought a new vacuum cleaner recently. The one I had still worked but it did a terrible job and sort of blew dust back out. So I bought a nice Dirt Devil for about $88. Like it a lot so far. I can't see paying 500 for a Dyson or such even though I was tempted.
The only slip up financially that I've made was I was a day late paying my credit card bill and got charged a penalty. They wouldn't take the penalty off but it truely was my own fault. Thats pretty minor in the scheme of things.

So yesterday was payday. I made more than usual because I scheduled some Personal Days and for some reson they didn't give me my normal dasys off in addition. So I ended up getting an extra days pay. My next check will have 2 extra days as well. So I feel rich.
After deducting my regular budgeted items I kept out $120 for spending money. That also includes groceries and such. Gasoline is on the Budget and I use my credit card for that.
Put $98 into my Travel Fund.
Put $100 into my Antarctica Fund.
Put $60 for my IRA.
And put the usual $50 into extra Mortgage Principal.

That pretty much covers it. It might sound like pretty measly amounts to most of you but for me this was a good paycheck. My checks are measly. LOL.