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a few odds and ends

November 24th, 2008 at 10:55 pm

On one of my last posts I mis-spoke. I said that I was now getting 40 hours a week at work again. When I went in that day I found out I was only scheduled for 34 hours that week. I don't know what happened. The good news is that my boss left me work a few extra hours so it wasn't too bad. Still its a shame working in a store thats doing fairly well and working in the toy department at the Christmas season and I can't have my crumby 40 hours a week.

Anyways I found another dollar a couple days ago. My luck on finding money is still holding pretty well.

I also got a Pinecone check waiting to go to the bank and another one should be on its way. I was putting all survey money into my travel fund. But then I got sloppy and started dividing it into various other accounts. I have to start
putting all Pinecone money back into travel again. It added up kinda fast and it gave me initiative. I'm hoping I can go to Costa Rica in 2009 or someplace thats far off and exciting. I have enough money in my fund to pay for it already so its not totally a financial decision.

Had to pay my dentist about 21 dollars today from my last visit. I thought I paid them already but actually had forgot until I received a second bill from them. So I took care of that right away.

One of my credit cards was closed by Chase. I had 2 cards from them that are very similar. The one I use a lot and get points from. The second one I just kept as an emergency type thing in case I needed it. They asked me once why I didn't use the second card and I explained it to them. At that time they said it was fine and told me I could just save it for emergencies. They also upped the credit limit by a lot on the card that I do use. So now I got a letter from them closing the account because of lack of use. Ohh well it seems like more of a loss to them than for me. I just wonder if it hurts my credit rating. Even if it does I have no plans on buying anything major in the near future and my last credit score was 805 so I really don't care.

Everyone have a good week and a very happy Thanksgiving.

Found money and various bits and pieces

November 15th, 2008 at 10:39 am

Haven't had anything worthwhile to write about. I guess I'm pretty boring or a more positive way of looking at it is that I'm holding my own financially.

I found $6 cash last night. There for awhile I was finding a lot of money then I went through a dry spell. The extra little cash comes in very handy.

On an earlier post I mentioned that everyone in my store has to work this Thanksgiving. But thats changed. People that volunteeered for it are working and the rest of us have off. I really didn't care too much. I'll get paid for the day anyways. My hours seem to finally be improving too. For a long time my hours
were cut down and that hurt a lot. I managed OK but it made it impossible to get ahead. I'm just worried about after the holidays. We usually get hours cut quite a bit about January 3rd anyways. But this year with the recession and everthing it could be really bad.

I don't spend much on Christmas. I think its a wonderful holiday but I also have "issues" about it. Might be too many issues to explain here. But for one thing I don't consider myself a Christian. I'm not sure what I am but I don't believe there is such a thing as a messiah or anything like that so I feel a little hypocritical about liking Christmas.
Also the spending on Christmas has got out of hand and I just can't afford to play into that.

I give all my young nephews and nieces a small gift card. I mail Christmas cards to various friends and family. And last year I bought a small gift for one friend and a gift for my sister. So I only spent somewhere in the area of $120 total for everyone. I feel a little bad that I don't do more but I think considering my income and the fact that I don't really believe in the roots of the holiday that I do plenty. The funny thing is that I really do like Christmas even with my issues. I have fond memories from when I was little.

Well I ran out of stuff to write about for now and I hope I didn't offend anyone that might have read my post. On some things like politics and religion I can be a bit controversial. I try to tone myself down but I'm not one to hide what I believe in. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

New Course

November 4th, 2008 at 09:45 pm

Went to the Democrats Election party tonight. Everyone was in so much happier mood than the last election. Plus I got free food. :-)

A couple weeks ago someone stole my yard sign for President. I was sooo mad. I couldn't get a replacement sign so I made one of my own. I have to admit it was funny tonight when I got home cause someone stole my sign again, but this time they replaced it with a McCain sign.
I am in too good of a mood to get very angry and it was funny.

My vacation is officially over tonight.
Its going to feel strange going in to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off. I was actually supposed to be off one more day but they made some kind of mistake. I'll get an extra day of pay this way so it worked out pretty good for me. I can use the extra money.

Well regardless of the election I hope things start getting better for everyone.
Life is still going to be rough for many of us for a good while but I feel tonight like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.