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a little of this and that

April 23rd, 2010 at 09:39 am

Had my dental checkup on tuesday. It went well except had a tooth that chipped and needed a filling. So I had that done yesterday. I don't know what it will cost after insurance. I had set some money aside for it and thought I'd have some leftover but probably now I'll be a little short. Nothing major. I have the money just not money that was meant for dental expenses.

I booked part of my vacation for next month. I'm just driving to West Virginia. I reserved 2 nights camping
and I'm doing a canopy tour and a rock climbing class. I'm a little fearful of the rock climbing. Its just a beginners thing though so I think I'll survive it. I think will stay a couple of nights in a hotel.
I hope I can also go caving. That was my real purpose for going there anyhow. But I read something on the rules that you have to go in groups of 2 or more. So whether they can partner me off with someone else or not I'm not sure. One of the many pitfalls of being single.

So far my goals are starting to come together pretty smoothly now. A lot better than things looked a month or so ago. Hope everyone has a great day.

Payday and Tax Refund updates

April 18th, 2010 at 09:02 pm

Thursday (4/15/2010) was my payday. Like a lot of people on here I get paid every 2 weeks so I get 3 paychecks this month instead of the usual 2. Yay! So I can divide this check up slightly different than usual.

- Put $20 into Antarctica Fund.
- Put $77 to pay myself for the car repair from January. Its now paid in full.
- Put $50 into Travel Fund.
- Put $70 in E-Fund
- Put $200 in 2010 IRA.
- Put $63 aside for my next Dental visit. It shouldnít really cost that much.
- Leave $100 in checking just as cushion.

I also deposited my Federal and State tax refunds last week.
From these checks I deducted what I paid HR Block and will put the rest :

- $33 Antarctica Fund.
- $300 Travel Fund
- $300 2010 IRA Fund
- $300 E-Fund
- Putting up to $160 into a new camera. (a Want)
- Left with $240 that I donít know how to use. Will decide later.

With the extra check this month and the good tax refund I feel like I'm finally catching up a bit and making some headway. Hopefully this month builds up some steam to get through the rest of the year.

Happy Easter Payday updates

April 4th, 2010 at 10:06 pm

Hi Everyone. I hope that you all had a great Easter.
I am going to have to change my name on here from Toyguy to Slacker guy. I went over 2 paychecks again without posting. I'm continuing on with my goals OK
though. Just moving along slowly is all. The good thing is that April and May are better financial months for me than some other months. I did get my taxes done and get a pretty good refund from
Federal and $114 from the state. I already received the check from Ohio.

On my paycheck from over 2 weeks ago (3/18/2010) I also received my quarterly bonus. So thats a couple extra hundred dollars. From that check:
- Put my usual extra $50 into my Mortgage Principal.
- Put $50 to my IRA
- Put $200 to my Travel Fund.
- Put $50 to my car repair from January ( bring the total I owe myself to $117)
- Also put $10 to start an Antarctica fund. Boy its going to take awhile to get there. :-)

On my most recent paycheck (4/1/2010)
- Put $50 to extra Mortgage Principal.
- Put $40 to my January car repair (now owe myself $77)
- Put $20 to my IRA fund.
- Put only $4 to Travel Fund.
- Put $10 in my Antarctica Fund. I feel the cold breeze already.

Thats about it. I'm trying to get outside more now that its nice and wanting to walk more. I love walking but have been slacking at that as well. I want to do some fairly physical stuff this year for vacations and such and need to get myself in better shape.