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2010 and 2011 Goals

January 2nd, 2011 at 09:57 pm

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a good start to the new year.

Overall 2010 was a pretty good year for me financially. I do not think that the relatively small amount I have invested in Mutual Funds will ever completely recover but otherwise I've done fairly well. I accomplished most of my goals, paid off the mortgage on my house 11 years early, and saved $1200 towards an eventual cruise to Antarctica.

I finally posted these goals on my sidebar so its easier to keep track and compare them. I did miss out
on one of my regular goals and one of my "lofty" goals.

Now for my 2011 Goals:

- Pay myself back into my savings account the money that I used to pay off my mortgage.
- Put $3000 into a Traditional IRA again.
- Put $1000 into a Roth IRA.
- Add at least $2000 to my Antarctica fund.
- Add $400 to Emergency Fund (At end of 2010 I have $2526 in this fund)
- Put at least some money into my car fund. I have a car fund created at ING with about $25 in it but need to start saving for a future car purchase.
- Go to Scotland for a week in May for a ghost tour and stay a few days in New York city.
- Might have to have another expensive roof repair. Last year or so I had to have half the roof done and was very satisfied. But I think I have to have the rest of the roof done now.
- Take a short trip to New Orleans for Halloween.

Thats all I got. A few things will be easy but some are going to take some effort. I might add a goal or 2 later on depending on how things go.