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Payday came and went

March 7th, 2010 at 10:47 am

Thursday was my payday. I'm not making much progress on goals but I am working on them as much as I can. Things will progress a little bit better as the year goes along.

Put an extra $50 again towards extra Principal of my mortgage.
Put $20 to my IRA funds.
Putting $3 from check (thats all I had extra) and the "cell phone money" towards re-paying myself for the January car repair. Now I still owe myself $167.
Thats pretty much it.

Went to see "The Crazies" on friday.
Probably not going to be a big hit but it was actually a pretty good movie. Also went to a fish fry dinner with a bunch of friends. They basically go there every friday now and the group is getting bigger each time. It was kinda nice but I can't and wont do it every week. For one thing (even though it was a reasonable price) I can't afford it all the time. Plus I work most friday evenings. Once in awhile isn't too bad though.

I still have a $10 gift card and some money I set aside to go to the Outback Steak house. Thats starting to burn a hole in my pocket. LOL. I want to go there so bad but it seems every time I think about it its just bad timing. I need to set a time and date and just do it. Do any of you have so much trouble
planning a simple trip to a restaurant? LOL.
Well thats all I got for now. Hope everyone is doing well.