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Pinecone FINALLY

September 8th, 2007 at 09:55 am

I signed up for Pinecone awhile back when I first heard of it here on this site and someone had posted a link to sign up. I really liked it and made out pretty good at first. Then they stopped sending me surveys. I was actually upset about that but got comfort from some other's blogs that they weren't getting surveys either. Anyways last week Pinecone finally wrote and they want me to refer people to them cause they need more panelists. After that I finally got a new survey. I'm hoping that whatever their problem was that they start sending some surveys my way again.

Ohhh and I've been doing MySurvey about the same amount of time and I'm finally
about ready to get my first $10 from them. They take way too long to be able to get anything. I keep doing it though cause the surveys are very easy and kinda fun.