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June 28th, 2010 at 09:51 am

Yeah I've been missing in Action for a good month or more. Since I don't blog a lot most of you probably didn't notice.

I don't have a good excuse really. I was somewhat keeping up with everyone elses blogs but fell way behind on that. I don't really like this site as much since they changed the format a couple months ago. It
somehow makes it harder for me to follow.

Anyways financially things are going pretty well. My hours have improved at work and it seems like I have been having extra money lately. So thats good. Also I think i'm quite a bit ahead on my goals for the year. I just haven't been keeping a very good track on it.
I even have a couple hundred dollars saved so far for eventually taking a trip to Antarctica. It will be a while before I get to do that. But ya have to start somewhere.

The bad news is that my boss at work truely does hate me and I know she would love it if I were fired. She also gave me a lecture the other day that me and the other person in Toys don't do a good enough job. They are also starting a lot of new stuff that is very hard to get used to. I'll probably survive but I'm really in a struggle to keep my job. I spend more time at work explaining what I'm working on to various
bosses and looking for equiptment to do my job than actually working. There is literally sometimes 4 or 5 bosses running around and only 1 or 2 workers. The bosses usually wont help customers but run over to me and tell me to help. So i might have to sell bullets and mix paint at the same time. Its very frustrating.

Well thats all I have to update for now. I hopefully can start my payday updates on here again cause it does help me keep focused on my budget.