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Various updates and 2 payday updates

November 29th, 2009 at 09:54 am

I was missing in action again for awhile. I do have a good excuse this time. My laptop broke. I have an old Desktop computer that I used as a backup for awhile but its so outdated that I could just barely check email and a few things with it. So I purchased a new laptop. I think I got a descent price on a descent laptop. It was an HP on sale at BestBuy for $449.

So that was just one more thing added to all the things I've had to spend extra money on recently. I still owe my Dentist
about $150 for the $1100 dental work I had. And I still need to buy a new washing machine in the near future. Its going pretty well all things considered.
I've been keeping my head above water and still have no need to go into debt.

I also survived Black Friday. I did work on that day but it was in the evening so I missed the majority of the insanity. And our store made the highest sales in our district which is kind of nice.

For my last Payday update (that I was offline for) I basically just covered my regular budget and put the rest all into checking as cushion to help cover all the recent expenses.

I also got paid this past Thursday. After my regular budget expenses and my spending money I had $84 left which will also all go into the checking cushion. Soon I can start putting some money back towards my various goals again. I'm also due in December a bonus from work which is something like $429 extra. That will help out a lot.

I recently called my cell phone company and cancelled the service. Unlike most everyone else I do not love cell phones. I really dislike them immensely and have only had one because my sister had health issues and I wanted to be able to contact her. But we don't keep in touch that much even with the phone and she is doing well now. I can't justify the expense even though I had the bareboned plan that cost me about $30 a month. Once I pay my final bill I can start putting that $30 to good use. I'm going to leave it in my budget but I'm going to use it towards some small investments. Each month I might try something a little different with it.

In other good news I found a dollar bill yesterday. I hardly find money anymore so I was pretty excited. :-)

I think I covered pretty much everything I wanted to. Hope everyone has a great day.

a few notes for today

November 3rd, 2009 at 04:10 pm

My vacation is dwindling down and almost over with. Today was a fairly tame day again but overall a pretty good day.

I voted today. The only really important thing was Issue 3 about allowing Casino gambling in Ohio. I voted for it. I'm not much of a gambler myself but I think people should be able to if they want. Besides lots of people head to the 5 states that surround Ohio to gamble there.

I also browsed at washing machines cause I have to get one fairly soon. I'm waiting for the cash for clunkers thing to start cause I think that will save me a little bit. The washer I liked best at Home Depot was a GE for $499.

Then I went with a friend and his son that were used car shopping. I think they ended up with a pretty good one considering the amount of money they had to spend.

Ohh and the big news for today is that I cashed in some credit card reward points for a $10 Regal Cinema card. I want to see the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie when it comes out. But I was thinking I might be dissapointed in it. At least now I'll basically get to see it for free.

A Few Updates and 2 Payday Updates

November 1st, 2009 at 07:29 pm

Haven't been on this site hardly at all for a few weeks. I hate it that I missed reading so many posts.

Anyways I finally got the dental work done that I've been dreading. It was fairly minor stuff but EXTREMELY expensive. Insurance paid close to $1000 of it and I still have/had to pay over $1100. I'm paying it in 3 parts. I paid $450 for my first payment and used my credit card so that I at least get some
rewards points.

I'm on vacation right now. I always take some kind of Halloween vacation. I didn't travel though. On Friday I went to a haunted house ($10 for about 15 minutes)
and went for a good 8 mile walk near there. That was a good night and the weather was wonderful. My sister and I also ate at a Mexican restaurant that I like that night.

Today (Sunday)for some reason I was completely out of it. I wasn't exactly sick but didn't feel good and slept most of the day. I'm feeling pretty good but Now I'm hoping I can still sleep tonight.

Well I missed making my payday update on my last paycheck from roughly a little over 2 weeks ago. I completely messed up on tracking it but didn't really do any damage. So I'm letting it go that whatever extra I had after my regular budgeted items just stays in checking for the cushion.

I also had a payday this past Thursday. After taking out my spending money and accounting for my regular budgeted items I had $194 left. Instead of dividing it up its just in my checking as more cushion to help cover the $1100 dental bill I owe. Next payday I'm going to do a little better dividing up my money. But the dental bill and a few other upcoming expenses don't leave much to work with.

Well I'm still off work until Thursday. Its going to remain a pretty tame vacation. I dread going back to work only because they have made some drastic changes at my store and I think I'm going to be miserable working there from now on. Its not going to be easy for me as I don't deal with changes well unless I truely believe they are good changes. And these are not good.

Thanks to anyone reading this. Hopefully I can keep up reading everyones posts again.