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Trying again on a Washing Machine

February 1st, 2010 at 03:15 pm

Well everything was finally taken care of (in my favor) about the washing machine that I bought and had problems with. Everything except for the fact that I was left with no washing machine at all for a few weeks. Fortunately I had enough cloths and re-wear most of my cloths before washing.
Today I went to Best Buy and ordered a new one from them. Its just a basic old fasioned washer so I don't think I'll have the problems that I had with the other one. Its being delivered this coming Saturday. I was also so very lucky that this was the first Saturday I've had off in years and thats the day its getting delivered. I hope everything goes well this time.

I also splurged a bit on some things. Relatively small splurges, but still splurges. I think I need to be a little easier on myself anyways cause mentally I've been feeling beaten down. Yesterday my computer mouse
completely broke. Its been on its last leg for awhile. I made sure to put it out of its misery and relieve a bit of my stress by smashing under my foot into a dozen or so pieces. That felt pretty good.
I replaced it with a mouse from the store I work at for under $10. I also used my spending cash so it doesn't really have any impact on my budget.
I've also been looking at voice recorders.
While I was at Best Buy for the washer I decided to look at them there. They had the one I wanted for about $10 cheaper than anyone else. So I splurged again.
I used a small amount of my spending cash again and put the bulk on my credit card.
Fortunately the new washer was a good bit lower price than the one I returned. So I come out out in pretty good shape overall.
The reason I wanted a voice recorder is cause of all the haunted places I like to go to. I've been wanting to try to record EVP's. I still plan to go ghost hunting in Scotland next year so I really hope I can figure it out.

Nothing much else going on. I'll be posting a payday update in a few days. Mostly I'm just trying to hold in there.

2 Responses to “Trying again on a Washing Machine”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I think that there is something to be said for getting a simple new washer, as opposed to one with more things to go wrong! If you have the insurance of a warranty and a good, simple machine, it will probably last you for a really long time and lead to savings over time. Enjoy the new appliance!

  2. toyguy1963 Says:

    Thanks Jerry. I hope it will last a long time. My old washing machine lasted about 18 years which I was pretty satisfied with. I got the brand new one today (Saturday). It seems to work great.

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