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Various updates and 2 payday updates

November 29th, 2009 at 09:54 am

I was missing in action again for awhile. I do have a good excuse this time. My laptop broke. I have an old Desktop computer that I used as a backup for awhile but its so outdated that I could just barely check email and a few things with it. So I purchased a new laptop. I think I got a descent price on a descent laptop. It was an HP on sale at BestBuy for $449.

So that was just one more thing added to all the things I've had to spend extra money on recently. I still owe my Dentist
about $150 for the $1100 dental work I had. And I still need to buy a new washing machine in the near future. Its going pretty well all things considered.
I've been keeping my head above water and still have no need to go into debt.

I also survived Black Friday. I did work on that day but it was in the evening so I missed the majority of the insanity. And our store made the highest sales in our district which is kind of nice.

For my last Payday update (that I was offline for) I basically just covered my regular budget and put the rest all into checking as cushion to help cover all the recent expenses.

I also got paid this past Thursday. After my regular budget expenses and my spending money I had $84 left which will also all go into the checking cushion. Soon I can start putting some money back towards my various goals again. I'm also due in December a bonus from work which is something like $429 extra. That will help out a lot.

I recently called my cell phone company and cancelled the service. Unlike most everyone else I do not love cell phones. I really dislike them immensely and have only had one because my sister had health issues and I wanted to be able to contact her. But we don't keep in touch that much even with the phone and she is doing well now. I can't justify the expense even though I had the bareboned plan that cost me about $30 a month. Once I pay my final bill I can start putting that $30 to good use. I'm going to leave it in my budget but I'm going to use it towards some small investments. Each month I might try something a little different with it.

In other good news I found a dollar bill yesterday. I hardly find money anymore so I was pretty excited. :-)

I think I covered pretty much everything I wanted to. Hope everyone has a great day.

3 Responses to “Various updates and 2 payday updates”

  1. fern Says:

    I really hate cell phones, too, especially when people use them in public places. I do have a prepaid cell phone I keep just in case of a car breakdown; it cost me about $100 a year, or $8 a month and i always have leftover minutes if I need 'em.

    Congrats on your #1 store sales.

  2. toyguy1963 Says:

    Thanks Fern. I plan on doing withoput any cell phone at all for awhile. But eventually I was thinking of doing the Prepaid phone like you suggested.
    Can I ask you what company your Prepaid phone is with?
    If I get one I want as cheap as possible for emergencies.

  3. Jerry Says:

    I wish I could ditch our mobile phone service, but it's almost a necessity right now (wife is pregnant) so that leads to additional monthly costs. Sorry about your computer dying. Mine had an issue last month, too, but I had the AppleCare insurance for my Mac and I was back up and running in a couple of days. They had to order the part from Holland, but it was pretty quick overall. I can't believe how cheap the laptops are getting!

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